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Many organisations have been heavily impacted by COVID-19. Staff may be working normally, working from home, be furloughed or a mixture of these. 

After several weeks of significant disruption to routine operations, the UK government have outlined a gradual relaxation of lockdown measures to reduce the economic impact on work while managing health protection.

Organisations will need to plan and manage the return to the workplace for workers. 

It is recommended that employers consider the following steps:
  • Carry out/Review your workplace risk assessments for COVID-19 infection

  • Identify and have specific assessment of workers with underlying health vulnerability

  • Know who can and cannot return to the workplace
Workplace Risk Assessment and Control Measures
All workplaces should review their COVID-19 risk assessment and control measures.

We have provided the following resources to assist:

Completion of the assessment and implementing the control measures identified will reassure employees who will have worries and concerns about COVID-19 infection.

It is good practice to convey the risk assessment to employees so they understand their safety is a priority.

Once the risk assessment has been completed, a poster is available from the UK Government, here.
COVID-19 Health Vulnerability Assessment for Workers
Integral OH Doctors have been providing health assessments for individual workers who may have underlying health vulnerabilities since the COVID-19 situation began.

Many of these workers are indeed able to present to the workplace, despite their health conditions, provided suitable infection control and work practices are in place.

Workers find discussion with an Occupational Health Doctor about their specific health issues and workplace risks can be reassuring. Some employees can be reluctant to return to the workplace for social or family reasons and exploration of these concerns is also part of the OH assessment.
OH Physician consultations can be useful in bringing clarity to the situation. 
It is easy to access an OH Physician assessment wherever you are in the UK.
You don’t need to be an existing Integral customer and referrals can be made online.
There is no minimum number of referrals needed to access the service.
Integral OH Physicians carry out COVID-19 assessments with your workers by telephone and we also have options for secure video link using Visionable.
Appointments are scheduled for one hour which allows sufficient time to clarify the health history and discuss our risk advice.
We produce an employer report with recommended actions. Normally our OH reports are dispatched within 48 hours of the consultation, by encrypted email. 
How to arrange an OH Physician COVID-19 assessment
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